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Protecting you and your personal effects

When you rent a property from a landlord although they are responsible for insuring the property itself, cover is not provided for your personal belongings. Therefore it’s important that all tenants have adequate cover in place to protect their personal effects which can include things like clothes, shoes, jewellery, furniture, electrical items, and sports equipment.

Although rare, there’s always a risk that the property could be subject to a burglary, major water leak, or even a fire. In such cases, if personal items are stolen or damaged not only would this have a significant impact financially but could also mean that you have no clothes to wear, chairs to sit on or a bed to sleep in. If you were the one that caused a flood or a fire, you could be liable for significant landlord costs.

Often many tenants wrongly assume that in the case of a water tank or pipes bursting, the landlord would be liable. Although this would be true in terms of replacing the tank or pipes, neither they nor their insurers have any responsibility to replace tenants’ personal belongings! This is why we advise all tenants to have a comprehensive contents insurance policy in place.

Our approved suppliers are Homelet and they provide a wide range of specialist services for the lettings industry.

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